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What is a Career in HR Management?

HR Management
I am very curious about a Career in HR Management. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find information about What HR Management actually is. Most pages on the internet just talk about How to get into HR Management. It had been a while since I was researching about aCareer in HR Management, when I came across:

Lakshman Singh Kandari's point of view!Lakshman Singh Kandari invested 4 years in HR Management. Lakshman Singh Kandari has worked in HR Management as Human Resource Manager in M & P Technologies. In Lakshman Singh Kandari's own words, this is how Lakshman Singh Kandari got into HR Management:"I attained a B Com degree from HNB Garhwal University and an MBA degree from Chandigarh. I thereafter, trained at Radisson Blu Hotel, Haridwar and I am currently the HR Manager at M&P Technologies since 2013"

Career Video onHR ManagementIn a video, Lakshman Singh Kandari has talked about various aspec…

How do you pursue a Career in Earth Architecture?

Earth Architecture
I find a Career in Earth Architecture very interesting. Internet is brimming with pages on How to get into Earth Architecture, while I want to first understand What is a Career in Earth Architecture. It had been a while since I was researching about aCareer in Earth Architecture, when I came across:

Swati Negi's point of view!Swati Negi has worked in Earth Architecture for 6 years & 1 month. Swati Negi has worked in Earth Architecture as Architect in Various Assignments. In Swati Negi's own words, this is how Swati Negi got into Earth Architecture:"After completing B Arch from Sinhgad College of Architecture, Pune, I started working at Auroville Earth Institute where I worked for 2.5 years. Post that, I started travelling mainly to hill stations such as Ladakh, Spiti, Nepal and Uttarakhand and experienced working with various masons and traditional techniques. In 2017, I came to Dehradun and joined D…